Very Heavy Air Cargo

What is the lowest cost possible for air cargo?

CONCORD LIFT - into the future of air cargo

Major ReVISION of the original paper:.: Lowest Possible Cost - highest Efficiency Flight.
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics invited ConcordLift™ for presentation at the 12th Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference Session on Aircraft Design.  

Basic theory for high efficiency includes: Spanloader, that distributes load from wingtip to wingtip, Laminar-Flow Control and large Aspect Ratio. No aircraft has been able to include all these well known factors. The unique ConcordLift™ configuration is required to achieve the Highest Efficiency Flight and the Lowest Possible Cost.  

The revised paper solves issues in the original. The Power Point is a quick overview of that original paper. The unique take off procedure illustrated in the animation may be unnecessary in some versions. 

This is a “Thought Experiment”. The illustrations show a few of the many different possibilities. There is much more to this. ConcordLift™ is available for sale or license to qualified entities. 

ConcordLift™ has been seen by thousands at AIAA events and many more have viewed this web site. No one has ever suggested a reason why this could not fly as proposed or that it would not be profitable to build and operate. The greatest problem is that it is by an outside amateur. 

Lowest Possible Cost - Highest Efficiency Flight 

Peace - Concord

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